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Granite is a kind of tectonic rock formed by volcanic eruption lava uplifted to the surface of the crust under considerable pressure in the melting state. Magma does not erupt from the ground, but slowly cooled and solidified beneath the earth. It is a kind of plutonic acidic igneous rock, belonging to magmatic rock (igneous rock).

Classification Of Granite Curbstone

Because of the complex formation conditions of granite curbstone, there are many kinds of granite curbstone and more classification methods.

According to the types of minerals, they can be divided into black granite, musk granite, amphibole granite, monzonite and so on.

It can be divided into cassiterite granite, niobium bearing iron ore granite, beryllium bearing granite, lithium mica granite, tourmaline granite and so on. Common metamorphism includes feldspar, dolomitization, electrics and petrochemistry.

Application Of Granite Curbstone

The use of granite curbstone is divided according to the grain size: fine grains can be polished or carved as decorative plates or artworks; medium grains are often used to build piers, archs, embankments, harbors, legs, foundations, pavements and so on; coarse grains are rolled into crushed stone, which is an excellent aggregate for concrete. Because granite curbstone is acid resistant, it is also used as acid proof lining and container in chemical and metallurgical production.

Packaging And Delivery

Packing details  1. inner packing: carton or foam plastic used for thin floor tiles.

2. outer packing: strong wooden case

A wooden case or a fumigating bundle of strong seaworthiness of 3. strong wooden pallets

The time of delivery is 7-15 days after the deposit is received

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