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Laizhou Stone & Stone Co., Ltd. has been engaged in bluestone curbstone for many years. It is a bluestone curbstone manufacturer with abundant technology. It is safe in quality and environmental protection. Our bluestone curbstone is mainly used for paving roads, parks, roads and so on. It is used for beautifying the environment. If you are interested, you are welcome to consult and order.

Bluestone Curbstone  

bluestone curbstone refers to the boundary stone used on the edge of the road, also known as the crossing or the edge stone. It is the boundary between the road, the sidewalk, the green space, the isolation zone and other parts of the road. It plays a role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the tidiness of the road edge. The form of bluestone curbstone is vertical, oblique and peaceful.

The Construction Requirements Of Bluestone Curbstone Are:

1. the bluestone curbstone must hang through the line to carry on the construction, according to the top surface of the side plane to show the high standard line tight, according to the line code side flat stone, the side flat stone should be safe, avoid the front and back, the side top line is smooth and smooth, there is no high and low wrong tooth phenomenon, the plane has no upper and lower wrong platform, and the internal and external wrong teeth phenomenon.

2. the bluestone curbstone must be built in slurry, and the slurry must be dense.

3. the dislocation of bluestone curbstone joint should not exceed 1mm; side stone and stone must be evenly sewn in the middle.

D. bluestone curbstone should ensure the size and finish to meet the design requirements. The appearance is beautiful. The side stones of the curve should be specially designed for the curved stones according to the design radius. The curved side stone must be polished and treated manually.

4. the back of the bluestone curbstone should be compacted with soil. The width of the roadbed is not less than 50mm, and the thickness is not less than 15mm.

5. bluestone curbstone pointing: when sewing, you must hang up the thread again, remove the impurities in the side seam and moisten it with water, then use 1:2.5 cement mortar to fill and dry.

6. bluestone curbstone seam and proper water maintenance after building.

          The Characteristics Of Bluestone Curbstone

(1) Various type, color and size according to meet individual design.

(2) Easy to fix and clean.

(3) Good abrasion resistance, water-resistant

(4) Can stand strong impact and various climates.

(5) Durable, hight quality, permanent, colorfast.

(6)Large quantity, various colors of our cluture stone available

(7)Wide ranges of products are available for different styles and sizes.

(8)Knowledgeable sales representatives are available to reply all inquiries and e-mails

within 24 hours. They could also offer professional advices to meet your satisfactory.

(9)Timely Delivery:We always send out containers within agreed time.

(10)Guarantee:We are guarantee to replace or refund any wrong or broken products that caused in our part.        


Packaging And Delivery

Packing: strong wooden pallets

The time of delivery is 7-15 days after the deposit is received

Shipping Service

We can arrange transportations for you, or you can choose the one you like, Timely and delivery is our service tent.


Laizhou Stone and Stone Company, high quality and low price, all kinds of granite roadside stone complete, if you want to consult us bluestone curbstone problems, welcome like-minded friends to discuss business.

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